From Riffs to Raw – Judita Wignall

When we started to research raw food as a subject for TV, little did we know that we would find a treasure like Judita Wignall. Her first book about raw food was published in early 2011, but that just barely taps the surface. She’s an accomplished musician, who went on to become the model for the Guitar Hero character, Judy Nails. The more we learned, the more we realized her story made her a natural for our “Creator’s Series”. Judita’s dual pursuits provided us with a unique look at the creative process, and how music and food make sense together.

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Lauren Gottlieb – Promo

After winning over America on Fox Network’s hit reality series, “So You Think You Can Dance,” every major choreographer in the business wanted to work with Lauren Gottlieb, and multi-platinum recording artists were lining up to have her on tour performing with them. We were lucky enough to work with her and her management company Redrock Entertainment Development, to produce a promo to satisfy the networks that are clamoring for this girl with all the TVQ.

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Garagistas – TV Pilot

In wine there is truth. At Pub 1917 we don’t find truth at the bottom of a wine bottle, but by getting to the bottom of good stories. So we produced a TV pilot called Garagistas. We take a look inside the world of the independent winemaker and meet some rebels with the passion and courage to go it alone. In this episode meet Gray Hartley and Frank Ostini, the owners and winemakers at Hitching Post wines. Can you say Gar-a-gee-sta.

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MEAT – TV Pilot

Since the beginning of time, meat, like fire, brought people together. So we got together over a steak dinner and cooked up this concept…“What’s the story behind the world’s great meat dishes?” Between bites, we asked ourselves, “Why is Santa Maria Style BBQ so good? Why is Kobe Beef so tender? What is the secret of Steak Florentine? ”, and designed MEAT, the TV show.

We didn’t create a cooking show, but a global adventure that uncovers the origins of the best meat dishes since cattle first stood erect. Check it out, we think MEAT is ready for USDA “Prime” time.

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Wide Open Baja

You don’t win the Baja 1000, you conquer it. And that’s exactly what the group from Wide Open Baja did for the 40th anniversary race that went well beyond a thousand miles running from Ensenada to Cabo San Lucas. You see, the Baja 1000 is a race where it’s common for less than half the entered vehicles to complete the race. It is brutal. But Wide Open is known for the durability of their vehicles, and for the support crew they put together. For this 40th Anniversary run, 18 vehicles started. 18 vehicles finished. Truly a “Record Setting Run”.

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Lexus Meet – Corporate

We got such great response to our consumer viral piece, Lexus wanted to take the message in house. We went back to the well of solidly-crafted questions, and tweaked the story to a “Why Grassroots?” approach for Lexus to share with the dealer body and continue to drive interest in doing their own grassroots events.

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Lexus Meet – Consumer

We always get excited when we get a chance to hang out with people who are passionate about something. And this group that got together for a “Lexus Meet” are not only passionate about perfection, but performance. These folks really know how to turn a Lexus into a serious sports car. And they’ll travel long distances just to be part of an event like this.

We were happy to deliver a well crafted story about the experience for Lexus to include in their grassroots efforts for F-Sport, their OEM performance parts. The video went viral through Club Lexus (the largest Lexus owners group in the U.S.), and Lexus admits they’re going to have their hands full trying to organize the next event because interest is so high.

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Amangani Resort – Lexus

Travel is nothing new to us here at the Pub, our work has taken us to the four corners of the globe. We were excited to help Lexus as they geared up for a series that highlights the common passion for perfection between Lexus and some of the world’s top resort hotels.

The Amangani, a 5-star property in Jackson, Wyoming was the first stop. While weather demanded pushing up production, the Lexus Hotel Partnership series was still in search of approach and direction. Bruce was chosen to offer creative direction and shepherd the Amangani through post-production, which in turn developed an identity for the entire series. An award winning one at that. Amangani embraces the natural beauty of the Snake River Valley, and offers a revered luxury experience. It was Bruce’s goal to let that story resonate. Through careful pacing, and excellent sound design, we delivered on that spirit. Check it out. You’ll wish you were there.

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Lexus LFA – Red

How do you make a 200 mph Super-Car faster? Paint it red !

Take 1 of the Lexus LF-A video tease felt so good they want to do it again.

So, the gang at the Pub picked up the phone when their friends at o2 Creative Solutions in Detroit rang. We coordinated a sound stage and turntable, the 20 X 60 foot Fisher Light, all the HD camera gear, a 30-foot camera jib and and our funky production friends and went for it. Well done o2! Take 2…in red. Check it out.

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